Broke & The Blues

Traveling on a Budget

I am so ready to GO. Like pack my bags, get in my car, and just drive. I don’t care how far I go, where I go, just away from here. I promised myself to travel more in 2017 yet I’m still here in this godforsaken state, Ohio. Why? I don’t even have children! It’s like I’m just stuck.

No more.


I do my best to make everyone else happy, why can’t I be happy?


I will be.


I’m leaving.



Broke & The Blues

No more being broke…

I have officially removed the word “broke” from my vocabulary. It shall never happen to me again. I mean during the year of 2016 and previous years, I’ve really and truly experienced being straight outta funds. Those situations make me feel like a complete failure but I honestly have no one else to blame but myself. Not saying that I have much money to begin with, but when I do have a few extra $100 bills, I’m always blowing it on unnecessary things. Why? I have the money, I spend it, then I want to cry and feel sorry for myself.

The cycle of being broke ends right here, right now, and forever.

Since I talked myself into not spending a dime, but on a $6 bottle of Tequila, because I am now also stopping myself from going out to eat and drink — WHICH USUALLY BREAK MY POCKETS AS WELL. I’ve been making my own cocktails and they are damn good! I finally put my fruit ninja to use and they’re actually really easy to make. All this time I never tried to make my own drinks because I thought I needed a special bartender training.. False. If you want to know how I did it, here’s a quick recipe:

  • Ice
  • A small bottle of Tequila
  • Master of Mixes — Mango Daiquiri Margarita Mixer 
  • Crushed frozen pineapple
  • Orange pineapple juice 

and wala! put that baby in a blender and there you go! No more $10 cocktails for me when I can have unlimited cocktails at home!

But besides cocktails, lol… I’m going into 2017 with a different mindset. FINANCIAL FREEDOM is what I’m blessing myself with and I’ve already saved $360 in one week so I’m right on time!

Broke & The Blues

I just can’t afford Netflix

No matter how many 30 day trials or debit cards I use, I’ve come to the conclusion that I just can’t afford Netflix. Ever since I signed up a few years ago, there’s never been a time when Netflix didn’t send me an “Uh oh Houston,”… First off, my name is not Houston, it’s Carrie and I know my payment didn’t go through, although I turned on my Apple TV with my fingers crossed.

What about the months that I do have the money in my account and Netflix snatches it away from me? I want to cry, real tears. “Gimme my money back!” 

I mean I’ve even heard of people finding a Netflix plug, where they borrow someone else’s account. I don’t want to be the borrower because what if the Netflix plug can’t pay their bill? How can I call and embarrass them about $7.99 when I don’t even have it myself? Not happening.

I just know that…

I’ll be able to say “mama, I made it!” whenever I’m able to pay my Netflix bill on time for 12 consecutive months. Lawd, I really hope this day comes soon.